Hey 👋! I'm Sai Sandeep Vaddi.

I'm a Software Developer at Untethered Labs, Inc., a tech company creating proximity-based computer & website access managment technologies under GateKeeper product suite. My primary focus at work is building web-based tools mostly using JavaScript technologies. I work on building UIs and APIs for end-to-end admin dashboard systems, browser extensions.

My primary tech-stack includes JavaScript, TypeScript, ReactJS, NodeJS, MongoDB, and various other tools that make the job easier to build user-loving software.

I open source any software I build which I believe useful to others. You can find my code at GitHub. I'm currently working on a task running tool for developers/administrators called Ten Hands. If you are interested in contributing to open-source, open an issue or PR on any of my github projects. We'll have fun building cool things.

Feel free to get in touch with me by email or any of the contact links below.